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MFCI fulfills sustainable development and actively undertakes responsibility in environmental protection. Adopting advanced technology in the industry, higher yield and less emission as a result .20 million RMB investment to construct facilities for waste water and exhaust gas treatment, and hazardous waste storage. 
Waste water: More than 12 million RMB investment to build facilities of 2000 tons daily treatment.The sewage discharge met the requirements of the third-class standard of Comprehensive Sewage Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996) and sewage treatment standard of the Industrial Park. 
Exhaust gas: 5 million RMB investment to build gas absorption device. The emission met standard requirements in Table 2 of the Comprehensive Discharge Standard Of Atmospheric Pollutants (GB16297-1996). The unorganized exhaust gas met the "GB16297-1996" and "evil". emission limits for odor pollutants (GB14554-93). 
Waste residue: 3 million RMB investment to build solid waste storage warehouse and conform to the national standard.Classified storage and managed in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Department. 
While seeking development, MFCI always strictly adheres to relevant laws and regulations of environmental protection, carries out pollution control measures and controls the pollutants emission, in order to achieve stable discharge and sustainable development.